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New HYIP projects 2018

Recently, new projects appears as mushrooms after the rain and with the same speed getting scammed. This year our portal has a separate section with new HYIP-projects - “Incubator“!

Here are we have projects that recently added to the monitoring and they are intensively monitored, in order to protect our investors as much as possible from unreliable HYIPs.

The team of our portal constantly monitors the appearance of new projects, analyzes the technical and graphic components before placing new projects in the "Incubator" section. Therefore, on our HYIP-monitoring there are only the best of new projects that pays.

In the "Incubator" you at any time of the day and night will find up-to-date information on which HYIPs are paying in 2018, which HYIPs are holding promotions, and which are not worthy of your attention.

New projects are mandatory to be tested within 7-10 days. Under each project, information is updated daily regarding solvency, emerging problems, such as DoS attacks or interruptions of the access.

The list of new HYIPs in the incubator is constantly updated. Most of our projects confidently pass the testing period and remain on an ongoing basis on our monitoring.

On the page of the new HYIP-project you will find information on the term of work, learn about the availability of DDoS protection, SSL certificate, you can check the uniqueness of the visual component of the HYIP, get familiarized with the investment plans and calculate the possible profit using our online calculator.

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The best HYIP projects 2019

Команда RadarGold constantly monitors the appearance of new projects, their status, frequency and the ability to make regular payments to investors.

Only the best investment projects are selected on our HYIP Monitoring.

On the page of the project you like, you can learn more about its characteristics:

* project goals

* when the project started

* number of days in operation

* project marketing investment

* tariff plans

* the referral program

* on how much the project is unique

* project quality and solvency

* how quickly funds are withdrawn

Invest money, order refbacks and get payment

We want to draw your attention to the fact that RadarGold monitoring returns refback to its users. More information about referral remuneration you can find directly on hyip project page. For our users' convenience, the form for refback order is placed under all projects. You only need to fill out an application and make an order for a refback.

Our technical support is always available

In case of any questions, you can leave your comment under the project of your interest or fill out the feedback form. RadarGold administration will answer all your questions in a professional way within a short time .

We never transfer your data to the third parties